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Do you know these facts about Vampires?



Vampire is one of famous characters in fiction based novels, films, short stories and blogs. In fact, people love to dress up like a vampire at Halloween parties. The craze for vampires among kids is endless and many children love to celebrate their birthdays with a vampire theme. In this modern era many famous movies on the theme of Dracula have been released like Twilight, Underworld, Vampire Untold, etc. Vampire diaries is another world famous TV series. It seems like that public love for vampires is never ending like vampires thirst for blood.

Vampires also refer to as Dracula’s is an imaginative character established by the people of ancient times. They are considered as dead people who originate from the grave so that they can harm the people and suck their blood for their living. In the real ancient time Draculas were not considered human beings instead they were thought to be a complete demonic and evil creature whose purpose was to hurt human beings. Various researchers believe that the existence of vampires is not a myth and traces of their existence are present. According to vampire research societies working in the Europe ‘different types of Dracula existed all around the world in old times.’

VampiresMany people are confused and don’t know that how one can recognize the vampire. The truth is no such accurate characteristics of blood sucking monsters have been defined by anyone. But it is believe that vampires can change into bats or wolves. Some vampires don’t have their reflections whereas some vampire cannot tolerate the rays of sunlight and drops of holy water. Vampires have different characteristics but their livelihood is dependent on human blood.

One interesting fact famous about vampires is that they are not easy to locate. If you in search of them then you will need a 7-8 years old boy riding a white horse in the graveyard. Whichever grave is nearest the horse then it’s a vampire grave. It is believed that you will become a vampire if he will bite you. Another famous myth about vampires in Romania was that a child born with an extra nipple was considered suspicious and the child was linked up with demonic creatures too.

To protect from vampires different ways were adopted and invented by human beings. It is believed that wearing a cross around your neck will protect you from vampires. Carrying a bag of salt is another way of protecting yourself from them. If you feel that you are being chased by a vampire then throw some salt behind you and if you don’t have salt then you can also use sand.

Well, no one can say that real vampires exist or not but one thing that is sure is a vampire like animals do exist in the world and they can suck your blood like a thirsty vampire. This category includes animals like bats and leeches. Till now nobody is sure about the vampire existence but we know that they will remain the part of human folks because consciously or unconsciously they have been a part of human culture and somehow we all believe in their existence.

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